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Best Easter Costumes for Men

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Easter is almost here! A great time to stay and celebrate with your beloved ones. This year Easter Sunday falls on April 24th and there are a lot of things you can do to celebrate, such as Easter-egg hunts, egg painting, composing Easter baskets or throwing an unforgettable Easter costume party for friends or family. In any case, jumping into an Easter Bunny costume is a great way to have fun with your friends and give the children around you a magical time. Or why not dress up like Jesus and be the soul of the party by wiping away some sins? Here there are some ideas for Easter Bunny Costumes and Jesus Adult Costumes suitable for men.

Best Easter Accessories For Male and Female                       Best Easter Costumes for Women

Oversized hat with attached ears and see-through eye mesh (in center of flower), plush poncho with attached face bunny face and bow tie, tunic with attached plush paw flaps and pants with attached plush paw flaps. Gloves and basket not included.
This mascot costume is perfect for parades and parties! It includes: Oversized hat with attached ears and see-through eye mesh (in center of flower), plush poncho with attached face bunny face and bow tie, tunic with attached plush paw flaps and pants with attached plush paw flaps. Gloves and basket not included.

Children will have fun seeing it and you can add something special to the Easter egg hunting with them! The bunny costume is also perfectly suitable if you want to have a blast with your friends at an Easter or Halloween party!

One-piece suit is made of an acrylic pile plush. Two pink pompoms on the front and one on the backside for the cottontail. Hood has an open face with Velcro closure under chin and pink-lined floppy ears. Includes mitts and shoe covers. Carrot sold separately.

There is a woman in the picture but it is unisex the costumes looks as good on men as well! This bunny suit is extremely soft and cuddly so be prepared to receive a lot of hugs from the girls around you , lol!! It is the best choice if you want to have your don’t want to wear a mask and have you face free . It is really comfortable to move around in, it can get a bit warm though. The ears don’t stay up perfectly but if you want them to do so it is easy to arrange with a hair band. This bunny brings joy to both adults and children!

Includes a faux white fur bunny suit with attached tail, back velcro closure, a pair of mitts, shoe covers with velcro straps, and a full over the head character mask. One size fits most standard build Adults up to 6 feet tall. Covered in faux white fur that is a little longer, for a shaggy affect. Carrot is not included.
We have an Easter egg hunt every year at my work and last year they decided to add the Easter Bunny himself. The suit was easy to wear and everyone loved it! The fur is glossy and long which gives it a shaggy affect. Eyehole placement on this Bunny Suit is discretely hidden. Any alterations to the eyeholes are up to your own judgment.

Includes a deluxe Easter bunny costume which consists of a jumpsuit, an overhead mask, a character hood, shoe covers, gloves and vest. I recommend you airing out your costume prior to wear.
For the price of the costume this is the best Easter Bunny available! My family purchased it and the Bunny was exactly how it looked on the website and it got delivered really fast. This was a far better option than renting one, it can be used for years to come! The face of the bunny is friendly and children love him! The costume is one-sized and it actually fits a variety of different sized people and it is easy to see through the mask. It is a little hard to zip zip the back up and down alone but with a helping hand there are no problems. The quality of the costume actually seems very good and you will strongly recommend it to your friends!

The Deluxe Easter Bunny comes with full over-head character mask (inside lined with latex), with posable/bendable ears, white faux fur jumpsuit with attached tail, zipper in back, matching white faux fur mitts and shoe covers. Also includes a separate colorful vest (ties around neck and in back) and a matching over-sized bow tie on an elastic band. Please note that the shape of the eyes may vary slightly. Please Note - the bunny mask is a mask, lined in latex, and fits close to the face. Jumpsuit, vest, tie, mitts and shoe covers: 100% polyester, exclusive of trim.

The costume comes packaged in a nice zip bag so storage is going to be very clean and easy. Purchasing this costume definitely beats the price of renting it, which is so much more for such a short period of time. The little children will love him and they will want to touch and hug him since the material is so soft. The mask gets warm at times but I guess this is what to expect when wearing a mask.

Jesus Adult Costume includes robe with attached sash, and crown, wig and beard. Shoes not included. Available in adult One-Size fits most.
I bought this costume for my boyfriend and he looked hilarious at the Easter party! The costume looks just like in the picture. It is very authentic for how simple it actually is. The beard is a bit long but works well, the effect they had on the costume was worth the discomfort. My boyfriend is six feet tall, and the robe ended a couple of inches above his ankles. This could also be a great garment for school plays or theatrical performances.

The costume includes tunic and cape and the two pieces are sewn together. It does not include shoes, wig or beard. It is really comfortable since it is not so heavy and the material doesn’t make you itch at all. This costume is a great value for money! get ready to wipe away some sins at the party!

Here you have another option for a Jesus outfit, so just make up your mind and make a pick! This one includes Tunic and Scarf. It does not include wig or beard. It is perfect for Christmas, Easter, or any other holy celebration. Available in One Size (Fits up to Jacket Size 42-46).

If you purchase a Jesus costume that does not include wig and beard but you still want to add them to your Easter–look, you can find and purchase these kind of things here!

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