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Best Easter Accessories For Male & Female

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Easter is one of my favorite Holidays! Easter marks the end of the Lenten season of prayer and penance and it is the perfect time to gather with family and friends to celebrate a new beginning, decorate colorful Easter eggs, get lost in our yards during the Easter egg hunt with the Easter Bunny and it is also a good occasion to welcome spring. And I am sure there will be some party going on as well!

Easter time is getting closer and closer so maybe you have already purchased some awesome Easter Bunny or other outfit to give your Easter celebration a more joyful touch! Here, I will show you some cool Easter accessories that you perhaps need for completing you ‘Eastery’ look, or you might just want to use them separately if you don’t feel like dressing out from top to toe.

Best Easter Costumes for Men                               Best Easter Costumes for Women

These Furry Bunny Ears Headband feature a pink satin-feel inset have white marabou fur trim. Headband measures approximately 12" high and will fit most heads. They are very well made, not flimsy and larger than most in the market.

This is a great costume accessory for both kids and adults! It is great value for money, you can’t go wrong if you are needing this accessory. It can get a little hot and sweaty, especially if you are indoors, but it does have holes in the nose portion that make it easy to breathe. When you don’t want to wear it you can just pull it down and have it hanging around your neck. It feels good on since it its made of a soft rubber and not hard plastic.

Soft Touch Bunny Ears Headband has plush pink and white ears with a flexible headband that will fit most heads, from children to adults! Measures approximately 9.5" wide x 12" high.
If you need a cheap pair of bunny ears to complete your costume, this is it! And the quality is good too! Note that the ears themselves aren't bendable.

A carrot is of course a MUST for every rabbit! A little snack after hopping around is always nice! It is the perfect addition to my Easter Bunny Costume. This Giant 21" Foam Filled Carrot is made of a soft latex and comes with one leaf. Style/color of leaf may differ from shown. Leaf comes separate and needs to be inserted in top of carrot. This product contains Latex, which may cause allergic reactions if you are sensitive to latex.

Bunnies certainly need strong teeth to chomp on their carrots, so no bunny costume is complete without big front teeth! These Bunny Teeth are available in One Size and fits most. These will work for kids costumes, too - although, they are not recommended for children under 5 years of age. Combine these teeth with your Bunny Costume and you will be ready to rock the party!

It includes a brown wavy Jesus wig and separate beard with attached mustache. Costume shown, including crown of thorns, is sold separately. The wig and beard are two separate pieces, not attached. The material is excellent and better yet, it is itch free! It fits good on adults but it even looked good on my 10 years old nephew. It is the perfect way to top off your Jesus costume!

White Cotton Adult Gloves

Either you are a fluffy furry Bunny or a more delicate Miss Bunny, a pair of white gloves are great to complete your Easter outfit. These gloves are a great buy especially for the price! They are available in One size which fits most adults, they will not fit kids though.

Here you have a complete set of ears, bowtie and tail, easy to wear with your Easter costume or you can just attach them to normal clothes and give them a bunny-look! The satin pink inside the ears is much pinker than it appears in the pictures & looks much better in person!

This is a better option if you are just interested in a set that includes ears and tail.

A puff of fur and a bit of class! These shoes feature a white 4” patent heel, a rounded toe and a separate heel and ankle strap. It is the perfect way to finish off Miss Bunny Adult Costume or any other Bunny look you are preparing for!

The same shoes are available in black as well, ready to combine your Wonderland Rabbit Adult Costume or any other dark Bunny outfit you have chosen!


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