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Saint Patrick's Day Best Accessories

On March 17, when Patrick of Eire died, a new holiday was born.  Although the celebrations started in the seven-hundred’s as a conventional Catholic Holy Day, over time St. Patrick’s Day has become extra a secular holiday which marks the start for spring.  The official date for the start of spring is March 21, and this also helps the tradition of sporting green.  Green is the colour for all times and growth and for those who want good luck and on this day, it is best to “be wearing a costume. To make it all perfect and fulfil your outfit get some accessories which are recommended below.

Leprechaun Facial Fur for Child or Adult includes goatee, sideburns and eyebrows. Great for Leprechaun, Irishman, or a Clown costume. This facial fur is sure to take your Leprechaun costume from ordinary to extraordinary. This facial fur includes self-adhesive sideburns, eyebrows and goatee.

This handbag is nicer than you expect. The gold on top looks better than in the picture and the handle has a coat hanger thick wire in it for durability. You can use it with your leprechaun costume for Halloween and got compliments. They are good quality, cute and do the job. You will recommend it to your friends. You always have to have a purse with you so having one that matched with your leprechaun outfit will be awesome, and this little bag can do the trick. It's small enough to go with the outfit but big enough to fit a phone, id, and a lip gloss and maybe a small camera. Rainbow handle is super cute and gold coins overlay; I recommend it for any St. Patty's day outfit where you need a purse for the necessities! Excellent accessory to put my leprechaun costume over-the-top. It is a bit plastic-y, but a super-fun accessory.

The Green “Eden” Mary Janes feature an approximate 4” heel, glitter exterior, strap closure with a shamrock embellishment*, and an approximate 1” Platform sole. Whether you are an Irish lass looking to add some high-heeled sass to your ensemble, or a luscious leprechaun searching for love at the end of every rainbow, these shoes will keep you sham-rockin’ all night long!
I LOVE these shoes and they were a big hit at the my last party. They are great quality, sturdy, and comfortable to walk in. I have to say they are my new favourite party shoes... now I just need to add more green to my wardrobe so that I might wear them more often!! These shoes were amazing! Everyone loved to look at the shoes I was wearing. Everyone loved it! It is a great idea for St. Patrick’s Day. 

The shoes are great with the glitter! The shoes are stiff feeling because the top has some type of outline. They are great looking but do not feel the best. So if you can stand a stiff shoe that rubs your heel a little but looks great these shoes are for you! You can buy these shoes for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. If you are worried about sizing up or sizing down, you shouldn’t worry unless you are a half size. These will make for great parade day shoes!
Some people bought these shoes as an alternative shoe option because these are funky shoes. You will be too because these shoes will save your feet for the rest of the night. They're absolutely adorable. Warning: The sparkles fall off easily, there are 1000's though, so you don't notice, but I wouldn't recommend putting them in a bag or anything with clothes you plan on wearing, unless of course you don't mind pretty green sparkles on your clothes. These are good shoes. I will definitely continue to buy from

It is ideal for an Irish Lass looking to add class to her holiday ensemble. Package includes a pair of white thigh highs featuring green shamrock accents, silk bow, and lace top. These 100% nylon tights are stretch to fit and seamless. A must-have costume accessory for all of your St. Patty's Day Pub Crawls this year! You will love these stockings, they can make great compliment to your outfit. The elastic band cuts into your thighs, making them look kind of jingly and the lace around the top rolls down. If you have a garter belt, that will help. It will be awesome with your St Patricks Day costume for the day. The overall quality is very good. You can wear with lucky lass costume. 

This mug is great for holding all your valuables. It includes one gold and white mug style purse that features a gold rope handle. Purchased this to go with the Beer Garden Girl costume and it was awesome! It will be able to put all of your necessary things in it (phone, cash, cards, keys, chopstick/lip gloss) instead of carrying around a wallet or a purse. I would definitely recommend it. It comes a little squished but you can puff it out by stuffing it for a little while. It is a unique of a purse when you will be carrying it! You will be glad with this purchase. The purse is really cute with the right costume; however it has very great looking. It served its purpose and does work nicely because it has draw strings at the top which works great to carry the purse on your wrist (unlike others that require you to carry it by the handle). It has a plastic covering to give it a "glass look".

It includes one green beer mug purse.

These little green plastic beer mug shaped shot glasses are the perfect St. Patrick's Day accessory! Each plastic shot glass says, "Happy St. Patrick's Day". These little mugs are perfect for your St. Patty's adult party or outing!

Whether you're Robin Hood hiding out in the forest with his merry men or a bunch of Green Grapes just hanging out on the vine, these tights are the perfect fit for your feet! The tights are 100% Polyester and stretch to fit. You will LOVE wearing tights! Especially wonderful tights like these. They are nice and THICK. They have a great elastic waist band. There very comfortable. You will love the feel of them. You would highly recommend these to anyone. 

In anticipation of this year St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Supra unveils a full look into their 413 Edition St. Patrick’s Day “Clover” Vaider. Traditional colours in green and orange are seen on a patent leather upper. A limited edition Starter snapback will be included in the first 144 pairs purchased through Factory 413. The pack goes on sale at 12:00 pm (Pacific time we imagine) on Wednesday, March 17th. Leprechaun Hat Plush Green Hat is covered in green with a light green hat band and attached buckle. One size fits most Adults (12 years and up). 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester. Hat is approximately 8" high.
Please Note: Shamrock Glasses shown in the image are not included nor available.

Bring Ireland to you this March in this leprechaun hat! This St. Patrick's Day accessory features a green, velour hat that is made from foam to maintain its shape. It features a size adjuster on the inside for the perfect fit. The attached, red beard frames the face and has a soft back. Check out our St. Patrick's Day costumes for a fun and complete look!
Plush Green Hat is covered in green with a light green hat band and attached buckle. One size fits most Adults (12 years and up). 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester. Hat is approximately 8" high. Please Note: Shamrock Glasses shown in the image are not included nor available.


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