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Male Costumes Ideas for Saint Patricks Day

Saint Patrick's Day falls on the 17th of March. Theory says that this is the day when Saint Patrick died. Since the holiday began in Ireland, it is believed that as the Irish spread out around the world, they took with them their history and celebrations. St Patrick’s Day Parades Worldwide, Irish Pubs all around the globe, Fun Runs, Irish Associations, Irish Music Festivals, Irish Names, Irish Dancing Schools, Irish Music Irish Roots. It is celebrated with much enthusiasm in places such as Canada, Great Britain, Australia, the United States and New Zealand. Wherever you are do not miss it and make sure you will get the right costume for celebration. Here are some ideas for your festive outfit.

This lucky lad is up for anything; good or bad. The Leprechaun Lad costume includes a lycra shirt with attached emerald green stretch velvet vest featuring gold buttons and matching trim on the neckline, an over-sized bowtie and a velvet top hat with gleaming gold buckle. Handsome, dapper, and full of charm, you'll be sure to have a girl on each arm.

An evil take on a classic Irish creature, this Leprechaun will use his frightening looks to scare the gold out of everybody's hands! The Leprechaun Adult Costume includes a green and blue jacket, a green and red plaid vest, a red scary mask and a green top hat, red calf-length pants, green and white striped socks, and leprechaun shoe covers.

A costume that's Magically Delicious!
Now you can be Lucky® and eat all of the Lucky Charms® cereal your heart desires! Includes: a green blazer jacket, green scarf, blue mock shirt, black pants, green top hat with a four leaf clover sprig accent, green shoe covers with gold material buckle, and a rounded wire prop with the various charms on it. This is an officially licensed Lucky Charms costume. Become an Irish man and you will look wonderful in his costume. You can enjoy lot of fun dressing up on that day.

Searching the Highlands for lass with class!
He’s a rugby-playing, bag-pipe-blowing, kilt-wearing Scotsman…you got a problem with that? The Hot Scottie costume includes: A plaid pleated kilt with an attached sash. A matching hat with an attached feather, a black belt with the signature bag, and two leg garters with coordinating plaid ties are also included in this enchanting ensemble.

Had a wonderful time wearing this outfit, had lots of comments from both men and women alike, everyone never knew that there was Scottie. I would suggest everyone try this one out.  If you needed something of quality that would hold up and also allow you to move freely without being cumbersome.  It held up great, and you can wear it again next year once. You can get the patron tequila smell out of the kilt. Fit to size with some room to play with on the waist line either way for a secure fit.

A great mascot costume! Perfect for parties and parades!
When you are looking (over a four-leaf clover) to really WOW them at your next event, the Parade Leprechaun delivers! It includes: an oversized hat with an illusion eye screen (see-through mesh in the Shamrock portion), hair poncho with attached face, ears & beard, and a leprechaun costume (including: tunic, striped knee socks and shoe buckles). When you really want to make your friends green with envy, this lucky leprechaun strikes gold every time!
1. You can get a ton of compliments when you wear it. You can dress up it as a pot of gold!
2. When you enter in the party you will get great smiles and people commenting on how great the costume is. Enjoy the St. Patrick Day as a great day and achieve lot of fun. Everyone love to you costume! It was everything you said it would be and more. It fit perfectly and was easy to get on and off. It's so different and we get laughs all over town.

Let this delightful character welcome you to Munchkin Land! The Munchkin Mayor costume includes: green pants with a draw-string waist, a matching jacket with tails & an attached multi-colored vest (colour pattern may vary, our choice please), a bow tie (with Velcro for attaching), and a green hat. This enchanting ensemble is an Emerald City favourite! The leader from the merry old land... This is a really great costume. This costume is very well made, great value. Overall experience with buy costumes will fantastic.

Take to the highlands and enjoy a game of rugby! Show your Scottish love through and through with this great costume. The quality of the fabric is great! Much more than I expected. The skirt is good one and the leggings are very awesome. You would definitely recommend this to your friend after wearing this costume. Well worth the money!
The Highlander costume includes: a renaissance style white shirt with cinched sleeves, plaid kilt, plaid sash, boot/shin covers, and a belt with a faux fur pouch.
Available in Adult sizes: Standard (fits up to a 34" waist) and X-Large (fits up to a 38" waist) .
Note: Beret and shoes are not included.
(Please Note: While the manufacturer image shows the model wearing the kilt with pleats in the front, it is also acceptable to wear the pleats at the back of the kilt. Also, the fur on the pouch may vary slightly from the shown image.)

Bring a little luck to your next soiree with the Leprechaun Costume Kit which includes: An emerald vest featuring gold shamrock screen prints, matching tie and top hat and a reddish brown beard.
The hat and bow tie here are quite good quality. If you want to close the vest just pinned it, which works fine. The hat is padded, and has wire in the brim, which makes it stand up well, and mouldable; very nice. The vest is thin and but works fine. The shiny satin material and gold-on-green makes it pop!


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Great range of paddies day costumes here, roll on Saint Patricks day, can't wait. Great looking site too.

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