Friday, February 4, 2011

Best Mardi Gras Costumes For Men

"Mardi Gras" is the day before Ash Wednesday and the final day of Carnival, the three-day period preceding the beginning of Lent. An occasion of great festivity and merrymaking, this wonderful holiday is celebrated in many countries, albeit under different names and for varying durations, with carnivals, masquerade balls, and parades of costumed merrymakers. To step up your exultation during the festival, here are ideas for male costumes. Be the King of the Ball. Celebrate "Mardi Gras" to the fullest with one and all!

You can purchase this beautiful vest for Madrigals Party. It looks smashing and it is the best outfit for a man for the party. The vest is very colorful and you can have lots of fun wearing it. It has attractive gold accents and nice attention to detail. The back is made out of stretchy material and the size is also very well and, I am sure it will fit a variety of sizes. The colours are bright and festive and turned many heads! This vest can make your costume. You will be absolutely the King of Mardi Gras that night!! I recommend that you also purchase the "Mardi Gras Velour Felt Top Hat" to go with this vest. It is the perfect companion to go with this outfit! It is of great quality and is beautifully and stylishly made. This product Includes a Green, Gold, and Purple Vest made from velvety polyester and gold lame' fabrics with foam lining for shaping. One size fits most adults. It contains a shirt and bow tie.

  • This accessory kit includes a vest and bow tie.
  • Does not include a hat, mask, shirt, gloves, pants, or shoes.

This colourful costume will fit nearly everyone. Fun and will work out just fine for the upcoming event. Mardi Gras King Adult Costume Includes Jacket and Crown. Shirt pants and shoes are not included.

Adult Evil King Cape

Really stand out at any party or parade with this Mardi Gras Jester Adult Costume.

  • Costume includes shirt with attached cuffs, pants, collar, belt, hat, and mask.
  • Does not include gloves, jewelry, or shoes.

Put on a big red nose, paint your cheeks in red color and wear this hilarious clown costume. You will just love your clown look and will definitely jump with joy. Circus shows and clowns were part of everyone's childhood. Why not pick a clown disguise to create a fun atmosphere around you? We definitely have timeless dramatic characters in our lives and clowns are certainly one of these iconic characters.

Let us pull your favorite characters in this real world with dramatic costumes. You deserve to grab all the attention of the ladies at your party.

Create a mystery among your friends by wearing a Mardi Gras Jester Adult costume.

  • Includes: dress and hairbows.
  • Does not include a wig, basket with toto, socks, or shoes.
  • This is an officially licensed Wizard of Oz costume.

The Wizard of Oz movie is a classic example of an overwhelming mysterious tale that always amazed its viewers. The Wizard of Oz movie is full of magical characters who are kind, sweet, and helpful. Kids always enjoy such fantasy stories which end with a smile on every face. Are you in love with ruby slippers, cute scarecrow, flying monkeys, Emerald city, good witches, bad witches, and mysterious wizards, then you will find The Wizard of Oz costumes very admirable?

Unravel the mystery of striking beauty and let yourself flow with the character which you are choosing costume theme. Are you looking for a super popular costume for yourself?

Enjoy your special and unique look with the Wizard of Oz Dorothy Adult costume.

Adult Royal King`s Crown

  • Includes a green felt hat with a feather.
  • One size fits most adults and kids.

Mardi Gras Sequin Bow Tie is made of 100% polyester with green, gold, and purple sparkling Disco Dots. Bow Tie features a simple elastic band (no actual tying is needed!)

To put some spiciness to our outfit wear this bead and be the leader of the Parade!

Costume jewelry is one of the most fun items to shop for. If you are looking for that one item that will make your whole costume burst with pizzazz then this Red Beaded Necklace is the perfect one for you. Show off your stylish skills either at the Halloween party, or just trick-or-treating. Either way, it will be a memorable night.



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