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Best Sexy Valentine Costume and Ideas for Woman

Hello Ladies!

Valentine's Day is coming soon. This special day is February 14th and it is a holiday when women are given away by their men but also many women draw a blank about what to give their husbands and boyfriends. You must be also looking for some different ways to express your love to someone special to you.

Here are some ideas on how to make your loved ones know there are special and also they are committed to a special person as well...

1. Put his favorite Chocolate Kisses all over the bed.

2. Write a Pink note on the bathroom mirror promising to share an afternoon delight. And you should hear before the time. Just make at least 5 minutes wait for him.

3. Meet him at his place after work wearing your sexiest outfit and tempt him away to lover's lane.

4. Buy some red and light pink balloons. Draw I Love You message inside with your own writing and fill his place, car, or his bed. Meet him with drinks and snacks and a love note.

5.  Meet him in a beautiful and romantic place. You can call him or make the following note. Avoid public places if you can, just you and him!

6   You can cook his favourite dinner and serve it by candlelight.

7. Wrap up your prettiest negligee in a fancy package, complete with a note that promises a romantic evening.

8. Decorate your home with a love theme (colors, music, symbols) - and that appeals to his interests.

9. Light candles in your bedroom and lay out a romantic picnic on your bed.

10. Prepare Italian Romance night with some soft Italian love songs on the CD player, a luscious Fettuccini Alfredo with a bottle of his favourite Italian vine, then some fresh canola from the pastry shop, and cups of amaretto-flavored coffee for a taste sensation.

13. Ask him to watch the sunset with you. It is the most romantic time that you can show your love to him.

14. St. Valentine's Day is the day to fall in love and to express feelings to your loved ones. Find some exclusive and wide collection of Valentine's costumes and make yourself look amazing for someone special. Buy some of these costumes: Playboy Angel Adult Costume, Playboy – Sexy, Girlfriend (Red) Adult Costume, Fever Playtime Clown Adult Costume, Playboy Ladies (Pink) Smoking, Jacket Adult Costume, Cupid Cutie Adult Costume, Love Struck Sexy Adult, Sassy Cupid Adult Costume and look sexy, provocative and beautiful for your man.

15. Young Ladies and Girls can dress up in Vincent Valentine Costume and you will still look wonderful on that special day.
The ever-cool Vincent Valentine can be co-splayed with this beautiful 3-piece costume. The billowing red cloak is beautifully frayed at the bottom for the 'flames effect'. The main shirt and pants are made of high-quality synthetic leather with a golden sleeve on the left. A great choice for Vincent Valentine co-players! Available sizes: M, L, XL (unisex)

Best Valentine’s Day Costumes for Man  | Best Sexy Valentine Costume and Ideas for Woman

And if you have time and want to make Vincent Valentines Costume on your own then check this:

First, of all, I'm going to assume you know how to sew/have made things in the past. As far as the props and shoes go, I recommend you commission the gun and claw. Vincent is a popular character (prepare to be GLOMPED! xD)

Help with the image and draft up a drawing of the costume from 3 sides, and make sure to get everything in there. Then, make sure you choose the right fabrics. It's tough to sew with and looks crappy unless used very subtly. Start by making a usual cloak, and leave off the hood. Then, once you get to where the "front" shoulders are, I'd shorten it to the desired length (don't forget hem allowance!). You can then add on the collar piece, using a fortifier to make it stand up, like backing. The last thing to do would be to add the traps and you can just sew those on (though the tough bit is finding the buckles to use! You may have to improvise/sacrifice a bit of accuracy).

The shirt is the easy part, so do not consider most see it, so you could just take a black, short-sleeved dress shirt, and add on a false-front along with the buttons. The pants are a little tougher. I recommend you spend some time looking at pattern books at your local craft and fabric store. Find some that look closest to his pant style and use that as a base. Then you can embellish them with the belts in the same way you did the cloak, or you can just buy a few belts for cheap at a thrift shop.

The boots, gun, and claw will be EXTREMELY hard to make unless you are particularly good at making your own melds and casting molten plastic.

Girls also can dress in Ivy Valentine Cosplay costumes.
Ivy is by far my favourite fight game character of all time. When I found out that she had a new costume for Soul Calibur 2 I immediately knew I was going to make it! I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. Now the question is where you can find the Ivy Valentine cosplay Costume or how you can make it you are own homemade?

You should know how to sew, and that costume is probably not good for beginners. You're going to have to modify a leotard pattern and make/alter a pair of gloves, and make the collar. The wig you can get from And also Carrie Cupid, Teddies Bear, Candy Heart.

Below you can see what great costumes else you can wear for Valentine’s Day...

High collar, zipper front, long sleeve, metallic colored, 4-way stretch jumpsuits for that sexy look you want. Red size 12-14

Features an asymmetrical dress with underwire and removable bra pads in the lining, feather wings, and a jeweled marabou halo. X-Small 2-4.

Make any costume more elegant with the Black Deluxe Boa. This accessory includes a long black feather boa. You'll be ready to dance the night away in style when you add it to your outfit.

Love Hurts Nurse Costume Set. Medic Hat, Lace Keyhole Teddy with Detachable Garters, Skirt, and Pasties. Nipple Covers to match. Features: 4 Piece Nurse Set. Stretch Floral Lace. Detachable Garters.

Nipple Covers to Match. Fabric Content: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex. Washing Instructions: Hand washes separately in cold water. Do not bleach. Flat dry. L/XLSize: 12-16Bust: 36"-40"Hips: 38"-42"

Hands-on Learning School Girl Costume Set.Halter Teddy with Removable Garters and Tie Back Plaid Skirt.

Attached Velcro Ribbon Tie Collar.Fabric Content: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex.Washing Instructions: Hand washes separately in cold water. Do not bleach. Flat dry.L/XLSize: 12-16Bust: 36"-40"Hips: 38"-42"

This Costume Includes Robe, Belt, and Pipe. Does not include slippers. This is an officially licensed PLAYBOY costume.

Naughty School Girl - 4 pc. costume includes bandeau top, collar with attached tie, and pleated mini skirt. All are connected by suspender clips. Matching wrist band included.

Prizefighter - 4 pc. costume includes top, shorts, hooded robe, and gloves.


4 pc Mystical Mermaid Mesh Bandeau, Mini Skirt, G-String, and Hair Clip. From Dreamgirl.

This Costume Includes a dress, bow and arrow, panties, wings, and pin. Available in adult sizes: Small.

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