Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Best Outfits for New Years Eve – 2023!

My last post about the Best Thanksgiving Day outfits/dress was very popular. So, I decided to post now for the New Year Outfits as well.  Many people contact me and ask what to wear on New Year’s Eve.
I’m here to post costumes, so I will just post them for you.

Some ladies ask about the style of the outfit for New year’s evening 2023?

If someone asks me then I feel it’s my duty to tell about outfits. On this New Year eve, you can wear a short cute black dress with black pumps! And with lots of "diamonds".  If you are going for a Cock Tail party then wear a long dress.
There are three basic colors which you can choose (Yellow, Blue, Red) if you want to look outstanding in a crowd. It is New Years Eve, so be sparkly! You can go with silver or gold eye shadow, depending on your skin tone! and use black eyeliner! Its good to be wild.
If your trying to stand out, your outfit should primarily be yellow or Black.  Going with blue will maintain a cool & wild look. To avoid to get blend in the crowd, your outfit should have lots of red.

Some ladies ask that what they can wear in winter parties?

For this, you can see my post "Winter Dresses".
Choose a long Dress. Yeah! The short one is gorgeous, but it looks kind of that you are trying too hard to show off your legs or something. So wear a dress or something that'll make you look more mature & definitely wear heels. Get a long fabulous coat too if you have one!
If winter is going in your mind then you can wear a wrap, a muff, a scarf, a full-length coat but all these things depend on your party style and party place.

If it's a nice party, they will likely have a coat-check available. If it's at a hotel, then they might have valet parking available and you could leave your coat in the car.

I want to describe one more style here i.e  Wear a blazer in black color, high heels black shoes, skinny jeans with blue or green shade, a top like really baggy and guitars are in, make your style with a cool silver bag and sometimes it is nice to wear some makeup too. So put some on but like a natural effect, and some black flower earrings if you have any and if you ain't got any of these then, to be honest, a pair of jeans and a top will be fine. Don’t worry Babe! there's a first time for everything.
Have fun

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