Friday, November 19, 2010

Best Bollywood Costumes

Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Bollywood has gained fame over the years, the characters are preliminary to come to life as costumes for Halloween. Bollywood Halloween costume are really gained an immense popularity from past few years.

Bollywood Beauty Adult Costume

Top and sari with wrap. Shoes and jewelry are not included.Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.

Bollywood Star Adult Costume

Top, skirt and veil. Does not include jewelry or shoes.

Bollywood Dancer Adult Costume

 Body veil, top, skirt, briefs and fabric bangles. Does not include body art or shoes. People all over the world are finding these Bollywood movies for the first time and enjoy their liveliness, attractive colored outfits and songs. Their sole style of film is what creates such a buzz, and if you decide to wear Bollywood costumes, you can help spread the word around about these classic films and bollywood dance costumes are actually the key attraction

Bollywood Beauty Deluxe Adult Costume

Top, Skirt, Head Veil, Body Veil, Armbands, Fabric Bangles. Does not include shoes, tattoos, earrings or face jewels.

Bollywood Guy Deluxe Adult Costume

Tunic, Pants, Turban, Shawl. Does not include socks or shoes.

Bollywood adult sexy costume 

Many of the women's costumes are long and flowing, like anything from a sprite to a belly dancer. What helps their costumes is the makeup they wear. Sexy bollywood costumes are really popular among adults. Long lashes help make the costume approach alive, along with glitter and iridescent beads. You can even wear colored crystals around your eyes to actually make it look good. The more well-liked costume is the Sari, which is the customary dress worn by Indian women.

Henna Tattoo Kit

This fashionable accessory features a set of ornate, henna tattoo decals that can be placed over your body for that enticing Eastern look this Halloween! Everyone in your extended family will want to sing you a "g?ta" when they see you in this chic item! With this Henna Tattoo Kit, you'll have the perfect finishing touch for that traditionally tantalizing Hindi outfit this Halloween season!

Bollywood Princess Costume - Child

This fashionable outfit features a gold trim scarlet skirt and top, a burgundy shoulder veil, and an  ornately veiled, gold trim scarlet headdress for that adorable Eastern look this Halloween! Everyone in your extended family will want to sing you a "gita" when they see you in this delightful d├ęcor! With this child Bollywood Princess Costume, you'll have the perfect finishing touch for that traditionally  trendy Hindi outfit this Halloween season!

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